Seriously smokin’ shades.

Stompin’ kwel funk.


Watch. Dance. Vote .



Toni 2/28/15

Unusual Point of View Provided by the Iroquois Nation and This Week’s Gone-Viral-Eagle-Soaring-You-Tube COULD be a Metaphor for Congress. (A 420 Character 9 Line Poem by Patty)

Bald Eagles (despite Ben Franklin’s doubts)

are born to be above it all.

(Now they do steal fish from Osprey, which makes them only human,

but maybe easier to emulate?)

Congress needs to mime our National symbol.

Soar. Get a long view. Be like the Iroquois:

“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation;

even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine!”

(To speak baldly.)


This unusual point of view comes from Last-Week’s-Gone-Viral You-Tube of the Bald Eagle soaring with a camera on its back. Even if it’s fake, it’s awesome.


This photo was taken by Doreen Orciari. It was a 90 degree day and this Bald Eagle HAD been soaring. I think Congress needs to also see what it looks like to be tired from having striven to soar and be above it all. The second picture shows the guy actually panting, something I’d like to see our Congress doing.

eagleColebrook 012

eagleColebrook 013-1

Fox Sparrows Don’t Do the Fox Trot, But They Sure Do Try–Another Nine-Liner/420 Character Piece

Nature abhors a vacuum. I’ve got one.

My White-throated sparrow destroyed itself

by attacking a competitor in the picture window.

But just now I spied a Fox Sparrow tango out from the dense brush

to scrounge ground debris under the feeder. Mayhap trying to fill the gap?

Heavily marked flanks. Big.

Even the jaunty juncos pull back

to let him forage with that peculiar hop-back scuffing motion.

A replacement who dances.

PATTY 3/7/12

Fox Sparrow (Emberizidae: Passerella iliaca) Displaces White-Throated Sparrow