Everyday Inspiration, Day Four*: A Story in a Single Image


I keep the woods in view,
brown leaves on early winter trees;
a rabbit crouches under the pine,
the sky mottles.

I sort the hawks into categories:
Cooper’s, red-tailed, sparrow and sharp-shinned.
Geese call, woodpeckers jeer.
Cold lean birds light out from birches.

I get the moon up, turn the stars on, keep it all going right.

Toni 1/8/17

*Finding Everyday Inspiration is a twenty-day challenge that warms up your writing muscles and helps you to find inspiration in the places closest to you — but where you might not think to look.


I love Ben Huberman‘s posts and challenges. And his earns-the-love skillful eye. Look at this.

He says, share a photo of something rare.

I love handwritten letters.  Rare in today’s world. Not so when my parents were young.

Dad's handwriting
Dad writes to me about family history


Mom's handwriting
Mom sends instructions to make mittens.
Go on, send a little love, send someone a letter.
Who could you send a letter to?

Toni 8/23/16

Serendipitydoodah! I meet H.P. Wood and wonder if there’s a poet laureate of Coney Island.

Thorton Wilder (he wondered about that poet laureate gig too) would like Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet.  And he’d love H.P. Wood.  Her novel transports you to the rollicking resort at the bottom of Brooklyn.

I say, who better to be a poet laureate of Coney Island than Ms. Wood?

I hope HPW meets songwriter Amos Wengler when she does her next reading July 9, 4pm: Sideshows by the Seashore, Coney Island, NY.   I think they’ll have a lot to talk about.

Toni 6/21/16