#Throw Back Thursday. Family fridge photos firm me up and flay the frights. (a 420 character 9-line poem by Patty)

Way frightened am I

@ the administration we have at present

but get a grip when I study my fridge full of family

& remember what the grown-ups tell me

(& by extension what the grand-kids absorb).

These young adults are clear-eyed about the shortcomings

& yet optimistic that they can act & conjur up a better world.

They are facile at befriending those w/ differing opinions

& I hear them challenge such in wise ways.


#TBT (#ThrowbackThursday) Newer and Older


#TBT (#Throwback Thursday) I don’t know who’s toddling doon the auld road, but it looks like some of our ancestors lived on a road just like mine.

 #TBT #Throwback Thursday

Some of our ancestors came from Stewarton, Scotland, and this photo of our current road here in the New World looks amazingly similar.  The ancient postcard was found in a family pix and papers pile unearthed at Thanksgiving by Cousin Liz. Thanks Be.

Our road was photographed by Dana Pickard, who leads the wide-awake life.

Below it is the ancient postcard from Stewarton, Scotland. Take out the telephone wires (every storm tries to, so why not!!), lay down a narrow line of the fence-like dry stone walls–called “Drystane Dykes” in Scotland–pull out our tumble-down stone walls, and I might mistake my place for their’s.

I don’t know who’s toddling doon the auld road in Stewarton Scotland in the postcard, but I’m imagining days of “no thought nor care, where they lay doon at nicht efter having said oor wee prayer and in the morn play at the games that are noo so rare.” (Robert Morrison’s memories in the Ayrshire Notes.) And I think, why it’s the same with me, on my road that looks like our ancestral road in Scotland.