Meditation is in the news. Good for the brain. Lengthens telomeres (made that one up). Immersion is a meditative act for me, one I’ve gotten better at because of yoga, birding, the man I live with, this blog, the growing family. A 420 character 9-line poem.

bloggyredbrstdmerk - 1

Dive Into It is my modus operandi:

juxtapositions that clarify, candidates who won’t carpet bomb,

native species that protect & attract birds,

core exercise in lieu of surgery, telomere lengthening,

10,000 simple steps along the lazy riverbank,

unaccompanied Bach reachable w/ practice,

woods w/ canopy birds I can learn by ear,

out of print but amazing writers.

I visualize hungry Red Breasted Mergansers–dive into it!


PS I came to 420 characters and 9 lines so I had to leave out the nearer and even dearer: family, yoga, sketching, & this blog with its blog partner.

PPS But perhaps my immersion in such is evident in previous posts.

A Red-breasted Merganser diving into the fray (I saw a Red-breasted Merganser at Sherwood Island State Park coastal waters; this movie is from YouTube.)