As in, there’s something wrong here.

This is what it looks like to be in the one percent.  No, I’m not in the securities industry, bumping up against protesters in Zuccotti Park. Last time I looked, I didn’t have an income of $717,000 or assets worth millions. I’m not one of the 1.2 million people that Barron’s says ” look a lot more like regular folk than most of us really realize.”

I’m in the other one percent, the one with the real pith-and-marrow folks who sometimes have a bad reaction to a medication. I opted for a new procedure to correct the Dupuytren’s Contracture that was cramping my style.

There’s a history of Dupuytren’s in my short, swarthy, brown-eyed Italian family, in spite of the fact that the contracture is most common in tall, blue-eyed Nordic men. Collagen slowly builds up over the years and thickens into a rope-like cord. In my palm, I had a painful lump that caused my finger to curl until I couldn’t straighten it, lay my hand flat, or play the piano.

The new FDA-approved, non-operative, minimally invasive solution? An injection of Xiaflex, a protein that breaks down the collagen in the hand. And surprisingly, in other places as well.



 Unintended consequences I never, neh-ver expected:  swelling, bruising and pain in my hand, up my arm, down my side.

But what went wrong finally went right.

The sweet sounds are back...


Toni 8/14/12



I dream of returning to the Bitter End ~ a full pour of Happiness, wished for and welcome, in the North Sound, Virgin Gorda, accessible only by boat.  The pirates, freebooters and daring raids in this sheltered cove are no more. Now there’s only pinch-me perfect spots like this one, dotting the last outcrop of land before the endless expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Got a dreamy spot?  Do share.

Toni 7/18/12


Through.   Frame a photo’s composition through something else to give the viewer more context into what your eye saw in that moment in time. 


A view of the Louvre through the clock on the Musee d’Orsay in Paris

toni 3/25/12