The greatest male Saint who ever lived was not a priest, not a bishop, not a pope. He was a husband, a father, and a worker.

The Catholic calendar is chock-a-block with saints’ days. Check out the plentitude just in March.

St. David’s Day, Patron of Wales————–March 1
St. Katherine Drexel————March 1
Bl. Charles the Good————–March 2
St. Chad————–March 2
St. Cunegundes, Empress————–March 3
Pope St. Lucius I, Martyr————–March 4
St. Francis of Assisi—————March 4
St. Casimir————–March 4
St. John Joseph of the Cross————–March 5
St. Phocas————–March 5
St. Fridolin———-March 6
St. John of the Cross————March 5
Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas————–March 6
St.Colette————–March 6
St. John of God————–March 8
St. Thomas Aquinas————–March 7
St. Frances of Rome————–March 9
St. Dominic Savio————–March 9
The 40 Holy Martyrs of Sebast————–March 10
St. Eulogius————–March 11
St. John Ogilivie————March 10
St. Sophronius————–March 11
St. Nicholas Owen————–March 12
St. Gregory the Great————–March 12
St. Euphrasia————–March 13
St. Josaphat————–March 13
St. Rodrigo———-March 13
St. Matildis————March 14
St. Maud————–March 14
St. Clement Hofbauer [Haufbauer]————–March 15
St. Longinus—————March 15
St. Louise de Marillac—————-March 15
St. Abraham the Hermit————–March 16
St. Joseph of Arimathea————–March 17
Saint Gertrude of Nivelles ————–March 17
St. Patrick—————March 17
St. Cyril of Constantinople——–March 6
St. Joseph—————March 19
St. Photina————–March 20
St. Cuthbert————–March 20
St. Benedict————–March 21
St. Catherine of Sweden————–March 22
St. Gabriel the Archangel————–March 24
St. Dismas————March 25
St. Ludger————–March 26
St. John Damascene————–March 27
St. John of Capistrano————–March 28 [Trad.] Oct. 23 [New]
Sts. Jonas, Barachisius and Companions————–March 29
St. Zozimus of Syracuse, Bishop————–March 30
St. John Climacus————–March 30
St. Acacius————–March 31

We just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style. It’s a day to really whoop it up for the patron saint of Ireland~ wear green, drink Guinness, and belt out killer pub songs between bites of corned beef and steamed cabbage. All topped off with strong coffee, Irish whiskey, and a generous layer of cream.

So, lots of March celebrations. Another day, another saint.

But today, March 19, belongs to the venerated St. Joseph.

As in Jesus, Mary and….

Sicilians honor St. Joseph because he saved them from starving during a serious drought in the Middle Ages. Parades are, well, inevitable. “Viva la tavola di San Giuseppe!” Let the feast begin!

St. Joseph’s tables, Tavole di San Giuseppe, are covered in food. The bounty of the altar is shared not only with friends and family, but with the needy. Everyone gives thanks for blessings received during the year.

The altar sports a variety of meatless foods like minestrone and pasta with breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs are a symbol of the sawdust on St. Joseph’s floor and, yes, are even a form of protection.

In case you are unaware, Sicilians wrote the book on protection. They scatter salt on the floor by the front door to ward off the evil eye, or, if necessary, employ more combustive measures. I’ve learned to keep crumbs in the freezer so that when a storm threatens, I scatter them in the yard. I’m not afraid of you Toby, and Uma, Violet, Wilber, Xanto, Yvonne, or Zoe. Bring it on.

All hail the conquering breadcrumbs.

And always, always, there are fava beans on the altar. They are undeniably lucky because during that Sicilian drought, the fava thrived while all other crops failed.

The table is blessed by a priest and has three tiers, a nod to the Holy Trinity. The top tier is the statue of St. Joseph surrounded by flowers and greenery.

The other tiers hold food, flowers, and candles.

Zeppole were invented in 1837 by a Neapolitan cook named Ippolito Cavalcanti. Apparently he was quite the baker as well as Dante’s BFF.

Few saints used to hang out with gourmands and men-about-town. They were hermits or monks like St Cuthbert, on deck for tomorrow’s feast day. He was all about miracles and healing. And ducks. St Cuthbert is associated with Eider ducks, known in Northumberland as Cuddy’s ducks. A colony nests on the Farne Islands where the saint had his hermitage.

St. Cuthbert discovered local people liked to eat the eider ducks and their eggs. So he introduced the world’s first bird protection laws to protect them and other sea birds nesting on the islands.
These are believed to be the earliest bird conservation laws in the world.

There’s a two-day celebration for this region’s beloved Cuthbert. A man of vision. Like the courageous and fervent Patrick.

Clearly the heavens are populated with thousands of saints. It’s a staggering task to celebrate them all. The crowd faves are eternally commemorated but what about St. Cunegund? St. Nicanor? St. Carpophorus?

So, pick a saint. Have a frolicsome festival. Make something yummy.

Write a note to a great teacher on St. Ita’s Day. Make a donation to a feline rescue organization on St. Gertrude’s Day. Give your dog a special treat on St. Roch’s Day. Take your mother out to dinner on St. Martha’s Day. No matter what saint you celebrate, break out the fireworks!

Toni 3/19/18



You’ve seen bumper stickers that read “I’d rather be…”.  Yep. Twitter on Wheels.


Writing in public places is meant to be read.



I think a bumper sticker creates a relationship between the “writer car” and the “reader car”.   One of my all-time faves ~ “This Bumper Isn’t BIG ENOUGH For What I’ve Got to Say!”




Stick figure families were popular for a while. Not so much anymore.



I guess the writer car is saying I don’t care about your stick figure family to the reader car. So there.

But bumper stickers aren’t all raw-knuckled and razor-edged.  Case in point: Koren’s beasts.




I’m a stonking huge fan of his unreservedly brilliant animal cartoons.


And when I head up to the children’s room at the library, a entire constellation of critters cavort up the stairs.  Animals with books, a whimsically playful bunch.












They all have a book or three.

My response to “I’d rather be…”?

 I’d rather be at the library.*

Going up?

Toni 3/17/18

*And, of course, today… I’d rather be Irish.  Sláinte!


















Hey, Mathletes, it’s National Pi Day – the one day a year (3/14) when we take time to reflect on the mysterious and endlessly cool constant that circles around us. You can actually scroll through the first one million digits of Pi on, and you don’t have to be a math nerd to be amazed by the infiniteness of Pi.


For me, Pi Day is just plain fun, but Pi is vital to scientists and engineers at jet propulsion laboratories.


Geospatial information scientists use Pi to make measurements, like perimeter, area and volume, of features on Mars.



They use Pi every day to command rovers on Mars ~taking images, turning the wheels, driving around, operating the robotic arm, and even talking to Earth. Pi also helps them to calculate the width of laser beams in the study of ice.

At first, Pi Day was gimmicky, but now it’s a gone-rampant big deal. Have you signed up for a Pi-mile race yet?


Pi is everywhere ~ in The Simpsons and Star Trek, The Matrix, and, of course, the novel, Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. In Person of Interest, Finch, as a substitute teacher, talks about the digits of Pi. He gives an answer to the question “When are we ever going to use this?”  A jam-up answer.


There’s even a new literary form called a ‘piem.’ It’s a poem where the length of each word is the same as the number in the Pi sequence. For example, here’s a baudy little ditty written by British mathematician Sir James Jeans in the early twentieth century to remember the first fifteen digits. (Hey, poets, write a piem, leave it in the comments. You know you want to.)

How I want a drink,
Alcoholic of course,
After the heavy lectures
Involving quantum mechanics.

There’s plenty of Pi-tunes out there but have a listen to this English singer and songwriter. Kate Bush is known for her expressive four-octave soprano voice and idiosyncratic lyrics.


What are you doing
that’s chic-unique
for National Pi Day?

Baking, I hope.

Toni 3/14/18

♥World famous physicist Stephen Hawking died today. RIP, a mysterious and endlessly brilliant mind.