In Stresa, the promenade along Lake Maggiore is quite impressive.


In among the hedges and shrubs and hickory trees, there are signs.img_1340

Translation: *it is forbidden to administer food for the birds

But birds flock here because there’s room….

img_1342…and board.  That’s just the Italian way.  Che gentile.

Toni 2/18/17



Shadows are fun to capture. I’ve read that the challenge in shooting a picture that has both light and shadow is to get the details without washing out the light or turning the shadow into unrecognizable black area.

Rich shadows make flat images seem 3D. I’m so jealous of Merilee’s skillz. Lucky for me, there’s an edit button.

Walking along the Indian River, I stood on the pier so I could get a better shot of the river.  But it was the play of shadows cast by the metalwork bench that caught my eye.



Version 2


Version 3

Toni 2/10/17


The Étoile (the roundabout circling the Arc de Triomphe) is nerves-in-a-blender intense.  It’s a 10-lane roundabout without any lane markers. Cars enter aggressively from the right, mini-catapults accompanied by heart-blanching honking.  It’s mind-frazzling.

Another well-known Paris landmark is the Arc de Triomphe, a moving monument to the many brave women and men who have died trying to visit it. – Dave Barry

Not up to the challenge? There’s a less chaotic way around the Arc de Triomphe. Turn right at the last street just before hitting the main roundabout. These two streets – rue de Presbourg and rue de Tilsitt – form an outer ring around l’Étoile that avoids the busiest roundabout in Paris.

In Paris, unlike the rest of France, cars entering the roundabout have priority over those who are already in it. Who knew?


Toni 11/6/16