Jen H. says share a photo of the structure of something wonderful.

The Antler Arches in Jackson Hole, WY are great to the marrow.

The antlers are held in place by nothing more than friction and good placement, intertwined like a mega-jumbo puzzle.


All of the pieces come from the elk’s annual antler shedding, so no animals are harmed.  Scout’s honor.

Toni 9/3/17

Toni 9/3/17


Soul to soul, artist to viewer, quilters make fabric sing.  The skilled touch of their hands transforms thread into a symphony.  I saw these wall art quilts at an exhibit in Florida and was awed by the tactile and visual texture of the designs.


Richly layered and interconnected ridges.
Valleys of batting and cloth.
Creative minds and joy-filled souls.
Contemporarily brilliant.


Toni 8/3/17











Lignum Draco, a WP mysterious dragon photographer, says post a photo that is unusual in some way for you, whether it be through technique, by subject, or in some other unique way. This theme is wide open to interpretation because only you know what is unusual to you.






Who Died on the Twenty-second of April?


Actor Will Geer, everyone’s Grandpa (Walton), died
of a respiratory ailment and was buried in his beloved grove.


Ansel Adams, rugged hiker with a camera, died
of cardiovascular disease in intensive-care.


Huey Newton, social activist, was shot
on the street in Oakland.


Cesar Chavez died
of arrhythmia precipitated by fasting and was buried
in a casket of unvarnished pine.


Pat Tillman, football player and US Army Ranger, was killed
in a canyon in Afghanistan.


Erin Moran, the Happy Days actress who lit up TV screens, was found dead
at a trailer park in Indiana.


Jean, my mother, died
of complications from Alhzeimers
in her bed at home
while across town, my father, Americus, died
of exhaustion and grief on a hospital gurney.


I stood near each of them, listened to them breathe.
I mourned with them and for them
and walked away into the rest of my life.


They are survived by me, their only child.
I think of them often and am mindful that,
when it comes to death,
I’m up next.

*** At first, I thought it a rare occurrence that a husband and wife would die within hours of each other.  

Since this unusual event in 2001 happened in my own life, I have learned otherwise.  

Have you heard similar stories?  

Toni 7/22/17