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Have you seen the sidewalk on Library Way in NYC?

If you haven’t, on your next trip to the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, walk along 41st Street. You’ll have a perfect view of the building (look up) and plenty of inspirational quotes about reading, writing, and literature (look down) along the way.

Garson Kanin’s most famous quote, from his hit play “Born Yesterday,” is there on the sidewalk.

Toni 3/9/17

Garson Kanin, who broke into show business as a saxophone-playing high school dropout and went on to write ”Born Yesterday,” direct ”The Diary of Anne Frank” and become the co-writer of two classic Tracy-Hepburn movies, died at his home in Manhattan in 1999.


In Stresa, the promenade along Lake Maggiore is quite impressive.


In among the hedges and shrubs and hickory trees, there are signs.img_1340

Translation: *it is forbidden to administer food for the birds

But birds flock here because there’s room….

img_1342…and board.  That’s just the Italian way.  Che gentile.

Toni 2/18/17



Shadows are fun to capture. I’ve read that the challenge in shooting a picture that has both light and shadow is to get the details without washing out the light or turning the shadow into unrecognizable black area.

Rich shadows make flat images seem 3D. I’m so jealous of Merilee’s skillz. Lucky for me, there’s an edit button.

Walking along the Indian River, I stood on the pier so I could get a better shot of the river.  But it was the play of shadows cast by the metalwork bench that caught my eye.



Version 2


Version 3

Toni 2/10/17