A Crow of a Boy: First in a Series of 9 Line 420 Character Pieces Linking Crows to Family (I need a place to put them while I figure this out; and isn’t this Paper Camera thing amazing?!)

Luke sees work needs to be done

since his parents park their cars outside

so that Jack Frost can etch-a-sketch them each day, and,

like the baby crows who live in nuclear families who love each other

and not only make and use tools, but also fashion them

depending on which bird culture they’re born into,

he grabs a gadget and sets to work

scraping the windshield, the doors, the driveway, grass, tree bark:

a worker!

PATTY 12/6/12

PaperCamera Luke2012-12-01-11-26-07

Check the Eyebrows; Avoid Trouble; Or: What We Humans Might Learn from White-Throated Sparrows. (A Nine Line, 420 Character Set Piece)

If physiological mechanisms influence behavior

and hint at differences in hormone levels and brain anatomy,

this may explain the success of the white-throated sparrow

and give a clue to the behavior of other species,

like those in family court.

The White-throats have white or tan eyebrows. Either sex.

The white-eyebrows are aggressive. The tan-brows nurturer.

White-brows only mate with tan-brows;

The kids stay safe.







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