Vowing to End a Bid to Block* Something or Somebody ISN’T Building or Doing the People’s Work; It’s More Like Do Nothing or Obstruct.The 113th Could Use the South American Oven Birds as Models for How People Who Work in Dome-Shaped Houses Work. (Another 420 Character, 9-Liner)

The South American ovenbirds, also known as el hornero (the house builder) start building their nests out of clay or mud mixed with fibres, straw and hair during the winter months

Build is what the House should be about, not obstruct.

Take a note from the S. American Oven Bird.

Called el honeros, the builders,

they’re models for how denizens of dome-shaped houses should work.

For months they team to mix clay,fibers,straw;

they shape a section, sun-bake it, assess, fix-it-up, add,

staying at it until they’ve got a rock-hard, dome-shaped house

that ensures the security of their brood.

So, Build.

PATTY 2/18/13

The ovenbirds then build a dividing wall creating an entrance way and breeding chamber which the female lines with grass and feathers



* Graham and McCain