A Handmade Tale: The myths say that the Raven brought fire to the people by stealing it from the sun; I’m similarly enlightened by the Ravens and children I watch. (A 420 character, 9-line poem with my sketches by Patty) http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/handmade-tales/



Oops…forgot one of them. See lower right.


Echoes of little kid chortles, cries, chats, & chases.

I still hear them…AND their screams,

like the KAAAHH! of that young Raven who dashed by me in the woods,

impudent trickster,

rallying his sibs to come play drop-stick-and-then-dive-to-retrieve-it-in-midair,

even though he still needs his parents to feed and clothe,

well, not clothe,

but teach him the ways of the world while they pick his nits.







It Took a Few Months But Here’s the Nani Little Book From Our One-Month-After-the-Summer-Solstice Gathering; To Come: The Nani Little Book from Our One-Week-After-the-Winter Solstice Gathering. (Some Might Even Call It a Celebration; But I Love the Image of Us All “Gathering” Each Other In for Hugs, Kisses, and Talk. (The Food and Gifting is Sweet Too, But It’s the Holding Those Who are Near and Dear to Our Hearts and Minds That Matters.)

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Giving Thanks for My Family: A Draft of a Page from a Future Nani Little Book