general electric refrigerators

The refrigerators in my house were never discarded.

My parents believed in reduce, reuse, recycle. So the over-the-hill ice boxes were moved to the cellar and/or garage until they quit, then re-used (in today’s lingo,re-purposed) in creative ways.


Bright and beyond dazzling, LED lights illuminate my spacious, stylish, and sophisticated refrigerator. She’s a glamour girl. An ohmigodess.

I admit it, I’m an appliance snob. My audaciously cool LEDs flounce and sashay over shelves, strut and swagger into corners, and hurtle to the depths of the continental-shelf-size freezer. It is not my mother’s GE.

Ah, and the luxury of a roomy fridge…it inspires me to doodle.

refig 4

So. What’s in your ice box? Leave a link to a picture or drawing of yours.
Bring joy to the world, one fridge at a time.

Toni 2/12/15