Worries of a Lapland Longspur that I imagine while I read about an orange-haired man wreaking havoc. (A 420-character 9-line poem)

Is he wondering where is the endless Arctic Circle Nunavut summer sun
& my dear lady,
or that perfect site I claimed by flying 30’ up, then gliding,
warbling all the way, to the hummock below?
& where did the 100’s of other Lapland Longspurs go
(& how this so ISN’T the Great Plains)
& why am I w/ a hallelujah of Horned Larks (& maybe 2 Snow Buntings?)
methodically plucking seed from a stubble corn field in Ct?
Is he!

-By Patty

caveat: When I find myself perseverating on Trump, rather than doing something to offset one of his actions (write a letter, make a call, speak up when a red-hatter spouts a conspiracy theory, donate to a group that’s suing to stop an action,etc) I switch to focusing on a new topic that puts me smack-dab in the present. Studying up on the Lapland Longspur did it for me today. (But, hmmm, I’ve GOT to find a juxtaposition for this species long hind toe, its “larkspur,”…doesn’t it seem to beg for a 420?)

We Sometime Need Claws to Spur Our Way Up and Over Life’s Obstacles. I See This Both With the Lapland Longspurs (not Larkspurs–those are flowers) and With that Young Man from Iran Who Double-Doubled in the Ducks Game with Oklahoma State. Was It the Gaz His Dad Makes in Iran that Spurred Him On to Leap So High? I Look to that Amazing Bird I Saw at Hammonasset Park This Week for Inspiration. (Another 420 Character, 9-Liner)

Spurs: we need them.

For the stripy, almost hidden from view, Lapland Longspur I saw this week,

his big hind toenail helps him tractor up and across

the mud clods and furrows where he feeds to bulk up for his Tundra nuptials.

For the Fighting Ducks it’s Arsalan Kazemi

with his hustle,

the nougat-and-pistachio candies his Dad makes in Iran,

and his game-high 17 rebounds that helped the team rout Oklahoma St.


Patty 3/23/13