Mama don’t let your sons (all these brothers; brothers!!) grow up to be terrorists


Aerie shape

depends on the branch point where it’s built.

This one at the Saville Dam is bowl-shaped

because the tree trunk branches off into smaller upright branches

and so too the nurturing of the babies that will issue forth.

Bald Eagle parents are amazing.

Their kids grow up to be National Symbols.

Not so the sets of brothers who grow up to be terrorists.

Why? Were their nests too unstable, too unlike this Aerie?


LIST OF BROTHERS (so far & so sad)

6 of the hijackers.* The Tsarnaevs**. The Kouachis.*** Bakraouis**** 25 to 30%*****


**Boston Marathon bombing

*** Charlie Hebdo

**** Brussels

*****the percentage of of terrorist acts involving members of the same family.

Counterterrorism Chief: Parents Should Watch For ‘Sudden Personality Changes’ In Children


Meditation is in the news. Good for the brain. Lengthens telomeres (made that one up). Immersion is a meditative act for me, one I’ve gotten better at because of yoga, birding, the man I live with, this blog, the growing family. A 420 character 9-line poem.

bloggyredbrstdmerk - 1

Dive Into It is my modus operandi:

juxtapositions that clarify, candidates who won’t carpet bomb,

native species that protect & attract birds,

core exercise in lieu of surgery, telomere lengthening,

10,000 simple steps along the lazy riverbank,

unaccompanied Bach reachable w/ practice,

woods w/ canopy birds I can learn by ear,

out of print but amazing writers.

I visualize hungry Red Breasted Mergansers–dive into it!


PS I came to 420 characters and 9 lines so I had to leave out the nearer and even dearer: family, yoga, sketching, & this blog with its blog partner.

PPS But perhaps my immersion in such is evident in previous posts.

A Red-breasted Merganser diving into the fray (I saw a Red-breasted Merganser at Sherwood Island State Park coastal waters; this movie is from YouTube.)


Red-tailed Hawks and being in the moment, a yoga and bird-watching influenced 420 character 9-liner where I realize that Red-tails might just soar for the fun of it like I do?

Pre-420 note on the photographer:

This photograph is by Alexander Kearney who does amazing things with his camera. We’ve been on walks with him where none of us have gotten a really good bead on the bird; Alex is able to find it, take a bunch of pix, and voila, all of a sudden we see what’s hidden in the bracken. Every world needs an Alex to help us see. He says this about his work: “I’m trying to figure out a way to purchase a Nikon 600mm lens, so that I can further my perception of birds (and wildlife) from a more accurate image…The fascination and application that I possess, drives me to work with what I have…My persistence is based upon my enjoyment; if I am able to share and provide enjoyment to others, I feel good.”  Alexander G. Kearney (P.O.Box 193; Kent CT 06757)

Red Tail 1d _ACK7278

Simply being is me. I soar like the Red-tail,

the one I see hang

above the snow-crusted-corn-stalk stubbled-frozen-manure-spread field,

circling with broad, rounded wings.

Hunting? But, since RTs soar only when sated, perhaps she’s thinking:

let’s set my wings, catch a warm thermal draft, &

with nary a wing beat I can be at 3000′

to peer down for a big picture of where the food’s at for later;

or…I’ll simply be.