Dueling wrens? No. They’ve each got homeland. And they’re thriving. Not so with the Palestinians. Great Uncle Max would be very disappointed.


Not enraptured. Palestinians. Israelis.
Is it the latter or the former who need a homeland? Yes.
Carolina Wrens. House Wrens.
Is it the latter or the former who need a territory in which to thrive?
Yes again. & really thrive, not just until the rapture
where Only Certain Ones make it.
My Zionist Great Uncle Max Nigrosh wouldn’t like the barbed wiring
that’s going on around the land he sent his treasure to.
Not enraptured.



The Dear Enemy Effect involves clear boundaries and mayhap leads to something called Interspecies Feeding (helping): I feed the bears; Orioles feed baby titmice; House Finches feed baby Cowbirds; (all this done WITHOUT the help of John Kerry), so WITHin the same species, hey there, Israel and Palestine? How about it?

Why not concede that a Hamas-Israel joint attack on Isis

might build momentum for a 2-state solution.

Plus “The Dear Enemy Effect” of other species

shows that clear boundaries make for a better life.

Check out the Baltimore Oriole in Chatham MA  who feeds the Titmouse babies,

the House Finch parents who nurture the Cowbird

whose mom laid him deliberately in their nesT.

(& they’re doing it WITHOUT John Kerry.)

Why not.







Hiding in Plain Sight? Hopefully Peace in Our Times Isn’t for the Birds. (a 420-character 9 liner by Patty)h

Hiding in plain sight.  (Hmmm: Sight? How can it be Plain?)

The Scarlet Tanager would seem easy to find

with his chick-burr and blurry, hoarse-Robiny song.

But his dark and bright fit right into the summer shadows

of light and dark up there in the canopy.

It’s like the hunt for peace in our times.

It’s there. High up. In the tumult. Almost spotted.

We hear the rhetoric & glimpse the shape of it,

hiding in plain sight?


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