A Note on the Wide-Awake Life from Isabel, WWWW’s guest blogger


#71 I, Isabel Scheherazade, leader of the wide-awake life, who writes things down so I can catch them to think about later, Remember Something Mom Always Said to Me. Sorry for the caps, but it shows emphasis. (Hey, I’m “in charge of this blog” as Pop says to me.)


Isabel, come see! You’re going to love this! Mom was always finding something in nature that she was sure I didn’t want to miss. Most of the time she was right.

Not always.

Like the time Mr. Cardinalas Mom called him, was wooing Mrs. Cardinal with bugs and sunflower seed. I mean, it was interesting, just not so interesting that I wanted to sit still for a ton of time to see the courtship unfold.

But do you know?  I can still feel her calling out to me. Not the actual words–just the THUMP of the words.

Think about the rhythm a poem has.

If “ISABEL, come see! You’re going to LOVE THIS!” were a poem, it would have 10 or 11 syllables or parts. So what I feel–a lot–is this vibration with the first three syllables and the last two. It’s like they’re accented or whatever it’s called in poetry.

What happens when I feel these vibes?

I look around for something I might be missing.

ISABEL (I guess you’d say this was a story from the Way-Back-Seat-of-My-Memories. A mini story with a major impact.)

What do Isabel Scheherazade and the American Ice Dancer Gold Medalists have in common? Scheherazade: The skaters and the 10-year old Isabel captured the message of the ancient Scheherazade who set the standard for what it means to live from story to story and how those stories can sustain you (a 420 Character, 9-Liner)

Scheherazade music plays for the Gold-Medal Dancers

etching their story in ice.

And we are mesmerized,

sustained by the narrative’s spirals, sit-spins, & twizzles,

which is fitting,

since the original Scheherazade etched her future in the 1001 tales

she spun and twisted to keep herself alive,

just as Isabel Scheherazade is doing now with her sequential stories.*

Inspired by that master-story-catcher of them all.


* (Check out 10-year old Isabel  Scheherazade at isabeltellsherstories.com  Make sure to start with blog entry #1)





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