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#17 I, Isabel Scheherazade explain the list Pop and Mimi created to make it easier here at home once school starts. What do you get when you mix socks, underwear, chores, great books, and television? You get one item from this list removed to a closet. Really. It’s in the closet.


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#12 I, Isabel Scheherazade find a bookmark on a special page of one of my favorite books and I THINK I’m getting a message from Dad. Can this be possible?

March 1, 2014

#13 I, Isabel Scheherazade, Storyteller, Explain About the Feather Bookmark, the Quote About Cures for Homesickness, and My Own Definitions of Important Things. Plus a Very Strong Memory from the Way-Back Seat that Mixes Up with a Story from the Front Seat. (Guess that’s happening quite a lot lately)