We’ve Got “a Harder Path to a Better Place” Says Barach (and the Birds). Bad Weather Followed by Northwest Winds is Best for Migrating Birds. Or Get Ready to Ride Those Thermals. I Felt a Wind Change in Charlotte Last Night.

“Harder Path to a Better Place…”

I’m glued to The Convention;

my birder friend’s glued to the Weather Channel;

both hunting for inspiration.

My friend figures out cold front/low pressure systems,

pinpoints where migrating birds will “Fall Out,”

so he birds at the right place at the right time.

I feel we’ve had a cold front associated with a low pressure system;

and I predict a strong tail wind right before 11/6/12.

Patty 9/7/12


Flocks of hundreds of thousands of Sandpipers take off from the mudflats of the Copper River Delta in Prince William Sound to fly north during their annual spring migration