Hiding in Plain Sight? Hopefully Peace in Our Times Isn’t for the Birds. (a 420-character 9 liner by Patty)h

Hiding in plain sight.  (Hmmm: Sight? How can it be Plain?)

The Scarlet Tanager would seem easy to find

with his chick-burr and blurry, hoarse-Robiny song.

But his dark and bright fit right into the summer shadows

of light and dark up there in the canopy.

It’s like the hunt for peace in our times.

It’s there. High up. In the tumult. Almost spotted.

We hear the rhetoric & glimpse the shape of it,

hiding in plain sight?


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“Egyptian Leader Adds Rivals of West to Syria Plan”* (Plus Adding Rivals of Its Own) Is this a Formula to Halt the Escalating Violence in Syria? A Lesson from the Crows and Hawks (A 420 Character, 9-liner)

An Equation:Talk to one’s enemies; produce peace.

Egypt’s Morsi is pulling together Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to tackle Syrian peace.

A friends+enemies mix.

It’s like with Crows and Red-shouldered Hawks.

Normally rivals, they team to fend off Great Horned Owls.

Once the hawk and crow have gotten rid of the owl,

the hawk MAY eat the crow,

but a formula only shows a relationship among variables;

it needs testing!

Patty 8/12



Amid the mobile falafel trucks and television news units, there’s a protest going on. Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are rallying against the influence of corporate money in politics, frustration with corporate greed, and anger at financial and social inequality. The demonstrations are inspired by, and modeled on, the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt.

There’s lots of guitars, dreadlocks and drum circles in publics spaces lately. The idea is to draw attention to “the 99“~  working people who feel they’re not getting a fair shake.  What’s going on in the park these days is something that defines its target not so much as a who, but as a what.

They’re not anti-anybody. They’re pro-American citizens who want to see change happen in a systematic and legislative way. And they’re looking for real results. It’s serious out there in places like Zuccotti Park, and it’s happening household-by-household. It’s happening at everyone’s kitchen table.

I won’t be stopping by Zuccotti Park anytime soon. Or the free library that Eric Seligson tends along one wall ~ battered paperbacks, everyone from Howard Zinn to Robert Ludlum ~ donated by the protesters or passers-by. But, nonetheless, it’s a part of me now.

And then there’s “the 99” in my kitchen.  That’s the number of recipes I’ve tried in my quest for The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.


Here it is, #99.  It’s all-there-and-then-some, finger-licking fabulous. Thanks, Cooks Illustrated.



You know you want one.

Make a batch.

 Put them on someone’s kitchen table.

Feel your insides do a happy dance.

   Need a tune?  ♥  Sweets for My Sweet   by The Drifters

Toni 10/7/11