Kids and Crows Dec. 2015: a 420 Character 9-liner by Patty with SKETCHES!!

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I love that our kids remind me of crows:

An audacious complexity of language keeps them in touch with each other–

warning, informing, reminding, watching.

One generation helps each other & the elders:

“Need help? Here’s a tool. See this hook on the end?

Use it this way then store it here for the next time.”

When danger is spied (or mischief is at hand)

an “assembly” call issues forth;

AND they remember which I love.

-Written by the Nani who is also one of those women who writes so as to remember



Crow of a Girl Teaches Her Nani to Have Courage and Later Reminds Her of Our Corvid Cousins and Their Use of Sticks to Lure the Cranky: Another 9-Liner in 420 Characters


Lydia sees I fear to cross, and,

like the crow who knows how to lure a tasty longhorn beetle

from decaying trunks of candlenut trees by teasing with a stick

until it grabs the end with its power jaws and gets levered out,

she stretches her hiking stick across the bubbling brook,

pipes out “Have courage, Nani; grab the end!”

and I inch rock-to-rock,

until I get to het 5-year old self and tiny hand.

Good job! she crows.

PATTY 12/7/12