Gehry’s Sphere (Esfera) Sculpture and Mapfre Tower Building at Port Olimpic, Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)


Frank Gehry is one of the world’s most influential architects. He’ s edgy, astonishing, and the antithesis of ordinary. Take a look at some of his work ~ the  Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA.

Ephraim Goldberg’s ( aka Frank Gehry) grandmother was his earliest influence. Together they built imaginary cities with woodshavings scavenged from his grandfather’s hardware store.

The Goldberg’s had a carp that swam around in the bathtub on Friday nights. And they always had gefilte fish for Sabbath dinner. Seems like the humble architect never lost his taste for fish. Gehry used fish motifs in many of his designs. “I never intended to build fish,” Gehry says, “In my mind, I say ‘Enough with the fish.’ But it has a life of its own.”Frank Gehry


Gehry has a fondness for the aquatic. In the yacht harbor in Barcelona, I saw a Gehry-designed leviathan ~  a  bronze whale sculpture at the port’s entrance. It’s made out of stone, steel and glass and is a whimsical eye-catcher with its shiny metal plates that change color depending on the sun.


Frank Gehry designed Fossil Watch

    Gehry works on the smaller stuff, too ~

 Fossil watches….

                ……and SuperLight chairs made from    aluminum. Can you say 6 pounds?gehry chair.jpg..


Gehry’s latest project? Two words ~  Facebook Headquarters.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Gehry is Mark Zuckerberg’s go-to guy, the one who will create the largest open floor plan in the world.

FB is awash with trailblazers and pioneers.  The starchitect should feel right at home.

Toni 11/3/12



Venice is a powerhouse of a city. From our hotel window on the the Grand Canal, the view is walk-on-water incredible.  It’s an engineering marvel, built on posts deep in the mud… and sheer nerve.  I was here during the cutting-edge Biennale in illustrious company ~ bumping elbows in ancient palaces and narrow alleys with glitterati and gondoliers. The Biennale is a celebration of contemporary art and architecture, punk-rock-bravado style. Like this Eruption of Fabulous.

Toni  4/16/12


Through.   Frame a photo’s composition through something else to give the viewer more context into what your eye saw in that moment in time. 


A view of the Louvre through the clock on the Musee d’Orsay in Paris

toni 3/25/12