Ideas can be recycled, repurposed, reimagined say I and the Deer Mouse in our back woods. A 420 character 9-liner



Finding a new use for an old item or idea is what the Deer Mouse does:

She thatches leaves into a roof for an old bird’s nest,

filling it with nuts, seeds, dried beetles, feathers & thistle down,

a cache.

This first snow insulates her winter getaway.

I watch her scurry 50’ up the tree trunk,

pause to survey w/ her large ears twitching, then slip inside.

I’m awed & reminded to search out new purposes,

to be a finder.



How to help kids lead the wide awake curious life; a 420 character 9-line poem juxtaposing a skill useful to both birding and coping.

Perspective. It helps me cope w/ my Trump angst & binoculars.
I thought of this while helping one of the kids w/ HIS bins. He’s got the hold-the-barrels-steady
The Eagle Optics Kingbirds & National Geographic Kids Bird Guide are great, btw;
which reminds me that solid ideas & resources help w/ coping too.
Then I had him read signs @ various distances
starting w/ the closest & moving farther away. Perspective.



Another source of perspective? Late night tv, or in my case, late night tv youTubes:


Humor: I love to laugh; it comes easy. Not so our PFN (president for now). A 420 character, 9-liner


A signal that Great Ape rough & tumble play is such

& not prelude to “I’m gonna rip your throat out” is panting,

an early form of laughter.

I wish the PFN could emit something like these deep,jocular bursts of air.

A laugher recognizes life’s absurdities & copes,

demonstrating an awareness of common ground w/ the rest of humanity.

But it’s impossible to laugh if you’re narcissistic

& dishonest w/ yourself.

A signal?

by Patty


Humor: I love to laugh; it comes easy. Not so our PFN (president for now). A 420 character, 9-liner