Tweets (not bloody) from an upstart American Redstart; all his flashing is positive and for the good; a 420 character 9-liner

Tweets of an American (no, not the President’s!) Redstart awe me.

Flashes from its orangered patched wings

& long, fanned tail w/ white underparts alert me to his presence.

Flashing flushes insects from the foliage.

Then I hear chewy-chewy-chewy-chew-chew-chew.

ARS are active warblers with black upper parts & a hood.

They’re beautiful. All that they do is for the good.

Not so the motives of our PFN’s*

Bloody tweets.


PFN = President For Now


Uh oh. The Supreme Court just lifted the Trump travel ban. But, wait. No grandparents? No lifting of our lamp above the golden door? (a 420 character 9-liner)

“Close” family: I know about such;

& the darn State Department doesn’t,

what with its narrow (quirky & capricious) definition

of what constitutes a bona fide relationship,

one that would enable an immigrant

from one of the six targeted countries to enter.

A son-in-law is ok, a grandmother or uncle is not.

Whaaat? Would you eject the Lost Boys of Sudan too?

Mr. PFN Trump , consider this: unconventional can be close.


Paddington Bear was an illegal immigrant; I doubt Mr. Trump would let him in today. I mean, who are his bona fides? (a 420 character 9-liner)

Please look after these tired, hungry, scared humans,

or if you’re Michael Bond? Bear.

& whether you’re from Darkest Peru (Paddington) or Syria,

hope that a kind Mrs. Brown shows up in your life to take you home.

Such were the author’s thoughts as he watched evacuee kids

during the Blitz, labels around their necks,

all their worldly goods in a tiny pack;

“there’s nothing sadder than a refugee.”

So, Mr. PFN*? Please?


*PFN = President For Now