Celebrate Earth Day every day by crossing a bridge (explore, notice, donate)you’ve never crossed before AND ADOPT A PIECE OF THE PLANET. NASA WILL TELL YOU HOW. (a 420 character 9-liner)


I’m crossing the bridge from a shallower

to a deeper depth of Earth knowledge

by buying 55 acres of our Great Blue Marble from NASA

& then I’m going to become keenly aware of everything about it:

local air quality, vegetation & other relevant environmental information.

(Similar to my studies of 1″ squares in my backyard,

but, like I said deeper.)

This is a counter spell to offset the effect of our PFN*.

I’m crossing.




NASA, Amazon to Live-Stream First 4K Ultra HD Video From Space

While Trump takes steps backwards, I ponder taking more positive steps like the Tsimane. A 420 character 9-liner.

Take steps (17,000) & fruits, veggies, nuts =

the healthiest heart in the world.

Live like the small, active community of Amazon Tsimane on the Maniqui

& acquire a pristine, unclogged, positive-outlook

& arteries.

More positive than the PFN’s steps to abolish EPA, roll back Dodd-Frank.

But how about that failed resolution of inquiry* ?

It forced Republicans to reject calls for greater conflict oversight.

Take steps.


NOTES FROM PATTY: PFN = President for Now. And on that resolution: House Republicans derailed a Democratic resolution that would have forced disclosure of the PFN’s potential ties with Russia and any possible business conflicts of interest. Republicans wanted to avoid a full House vote that would have been embarrassing and divisive for the right.





While Trump takes steps backwards, I ponder taking more positive steps like the Tsimane. A 420 character 9-liner.

Osprey (and Andrea Gibson) help me say yes in the midst of grappling with no, he’s not a nightmare, Donald Trump.


I calm myself down after both seeing and hearing our current President.

I try to avoid this assault on my mind & heart.

Reading what he does and what to do about it works.

I want to be like the hunting Osprey.

She dives w/ feet outstretched & yellow eyes sighted straight along her talons

& then lines up its catch head first to cut wind resistance.

I need to learn to better handle it all & concentrate.


Check out Andrea Gibson: “This is for the radical anarchist asking the Republican to dance, because what’s the chance of anyone moving from right to left if the only moves you see are NBC and CBS? This is for no becoming yes. This is for fear becoming trust, saying ‘I love you’ to people who will never say it to us.”

Check out the nature-cams: http://wetlandsinstitute.org/education/osprey-camera/