Osprey, named after the Greek king who turned his daughters into birds, can detect the almost unseen. Claire,who almost seems to fly, can see thusly too. A 420 character 9-liner.

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Tweet torrents by Trump are unpresidential and dangerous and now bots inflate his twitter follower numbers. A 420 character nine liner.



I began thinking about such as I bird-counted on my walk to yoga.

Cormorants. Great Blue Herons. Ospreys. Kingfishers: Fisherbirds.

Lots of mouths to feed, these egg-layers. Real.

Not like the egg-followers or “bot” (automated not human) army

used to falsely inflate Trump’s twitter numbers.

This is so not like my fisherbirds.

They are honorably fishy.


Wait and see. Perseids and the current occupant of the White House. On the fire and fading. A 420 character nine liner.




I’m disgusted with Trump’s fire-laced, incendiary,

irresponsible coded language for using nuclear weapons.

Who does this? It’s crazy.

I’m reminded that the Perseid meteor shower is this weekend

& although the current White House occupant is NOT fast & bright,

& he does blaze forth & attract attention, mayhap he will,

like the Perseids, fade away

(as in be removed from office) like these August Fireballs.



Note from Patty: I relish the fury of the meteor showers and seek to learn about them so as to watch them perform. I do not feel similarly about our President.

You did have options to watch the 2017 Perseids online. On Saturday, the online Slooh community observatory hosted a free webcast of the Perseids here, beginning at 8 p.m. EDT (0000 GMT). The webcast will also appear on Space.com, courtesy of Slooh.

The Virtual Telescope Project based in Italy hosted a live webcast Saturday at 4:50 p.m. EDT (2050 GMT). You can watch that Perseids webcast live here at start time.