Marching kids give me hope, just like that yellow-spotted salamander slithering over snow to get to our vernal pool & his girl friends. (A 420 character 9-liner)


Eloquent & sturdy kids are signs of hope.

A renewed energy for the moral & physical health of our country.

We need signs, just like the 1st Peoples who breathed a sigh of relief

when they heard Wood Frogs quack-quacking,

watched Mourning Cloaks flutter out from under the loose bark of the Hickory,

spied the bright red & yellow epaulets of returning Redwing Blackbirds:

signals that a tough winter was over.







Brown Knee Socks. Another 420 character 9 line memoir bit DRAFT


Me at college?

Knee Socks. Brown, patterned, chunky or acrylic stretch;

they went w/ my high school-era Bermuda’s, penny loafers,

matching beret & Pendleton plaid jacket,

maybe layered w/ an orange turtle neck; the outfit completed

w/ a green, pull tie school bag from the 50’s hung over my shoulder.

Yes, I had short dresses & short hair & minimal underwear

like all girls in the 60’s, but I loved those socks.

Wild. Me.



My 2017 Sketch and 420 character 9-liner for the grandkids and their parents (and me and the handsome guy I live with)

I have a few decades of notebooks. When I can read the writing, I gain insight. For example, I reread and muse about the 1997 version of Patty  and note changes. I give thanks when I realize back then I was at the edge of grasping an idea which now I see more clearly. Knowtizing is working for me and mine.