Cabinet nominees are getting approved but the hearings help underscore the negatives in each nominee and perhaps a path forward. (420-character 9-line poem)

Learning: The Cabinet hearings taught me what we’re up against;

I will use what I’ve learned to help short-circuit their moves.

They represent the exact opposite of what would be

the best leader for each cabinet spot.

Recently I searched for the Rough-legged Hawk &,

while I didn’t find her,

I learned the lay of the nooks & fields over which she perched, swooped, & hunted.

I’ll know where to look next time.



The moon! The eclipse! The comet! A 420 CHARACTER 9-LINER

Astronomical happenings make me happy.

Penumbral lunar eclipse. A full Snow Moon. A comet.

Out of this world. If I’ve ever needed the long view,

a perspective, on what’s happening on Earth,

this is it and just at the right time.

So, stargazers, Melania, Resisters, Dems,Republicans, Falcon fans?

Take a deep breath & look out your bedroom window.

It’s a sweet celestial happening Friday, February 10th.

It’s astronomical.


Searching for the splendor of Horned Larks amidst the manure reminds me of how I examine these days since the inauguration. (420 character 9-liner)

Look carefully:

I examine current events the way I squint my eye at my cornfield

spread so beautifully with frozen cow manure studded with seed,

a banquet for, oh, frabjous day! Horned Larks.

The similarity ends with the studious scrutiny, however.

No elation, no lift of spirit when I tick through the chaos

careening to & fro in my dear country in the halls of power.

Not giving up, I will continue to

look carefully.