Brown Knee Socks. Another 420 character 9 line memoir bit DRAFT


Me at college?

Knee Socks. Brown, patterned, chunky or acrylic stretch;

they went w/ my high school-era Bermuda’s, penny loafers,

matching beret & Pendleton plaid jacket,

maybe layered w/ an orange turtle neck; the outfit completed

w/ a green, pull tie school bag from the 50’s hung over my shoulder.

Yes, I had short dresses & short hair & minimal underwear

like all girls in the 60’s, but I loved those socks.

Wild. Me.



My 2017 Sketch and 420 character 9-liner for the grandkids and their parents (and me and the handsome guy I live with)

I have a few decades of notebooks. When I can read the writing, I gain insight. For example, I reread and muse about the 1997 version of Patty  and note changes. I give thanks when I realize back then I was at the edge of grasping an idea which now I see more clearly. Knowtizing is working for me and mine.



Osprey, named after the Greek king who turned his daughters into birds, can detect the almost unseen. Claire,who almost seems to fly, can see thusly too. A 420 character 9-liner.

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