Pipeline protesters (Sugar Shack Alliance) are arrested and pledge non-violent resistance to fossil fuel development; the Canada Warbler thanks them. A 420 character 9-liner

Shady forest undergrowth & thickets:

I love to poke around in such

but worry that forest clear-cutting for pipelines makes its denizens vulnerable

like that fancy Canada Warbler with its necklace of short stripes,

its yellow chest, throat & belly, striking white spectacles

that I spotted flushing insects from foliage

while foraging on twigs & leaves.

Lovely, but threatened by forest fragmentation,

not enough shady.



NOTE FROM PATTY: This week demonstrators were arrested at Otis State Forest as the Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company started cutting trees for their gas project. This will be a four-mile swath through state forest. I don’t think that we can sit by and watch during this time of climate crisis. Halting pipeline construction is part of the whole climate and environmental justice movement.


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

~Søren Kierkegaard


Reflecting in Barcelona

Albert Einstein said time is an illusion.  What do you think?

Toni 5/12/17

Beware the “National Treasures Under Review List!” Our President for Now* probably won’t be creating such as Signature Rock on Monument Mountain. A 420 character 9-liner

Inscribed in stone:

Water resources, wildlife, tribal communities, forests, habitats, mountains (etc.)

are our national treasures.

The Antiquities Act serves as a shorthand reminder

that natural resources & wonders

must be valued & preserved,

not opened up for, say, radioactive uranium mining & other destructive activities;

“declassified; put under advisement, written off.”

They should be as if inscribed in stone.


Join an effective conservation group that will mobilize its grassroots (deliberately organic wording here) and put pressure on Congress to protect our precious lands.

*Our President for Now or PFN if I’m needing fewer characters to stay within my 420 character limit.