Piles of pictures everywhere

urging me to remember–

ah, the life we had!


Happy snapshots from the past

try to push the grief away

in 5 X 7 moments.


I clear out your dresser drawers,

now as empty as my heart;

how will I fill the void?


Framed diplomas taken down–

achievements marked, honors won;

your life’s work finished.


Handsome man in a pink shirt

smiles back at me from the shelf;

my heart skips a beat.


You never said “no” to me;

it was Paradise on earth,

and I loved you so.


Cutting down your favorite tree

just added to my despair;

the heartache deepened.


Left behind to pick up pieces

of the world we used to share.

Life’s not fair at all.


A new life awaits;

box after box must be packed.

Which one holds my broken heart?


Pleasant anticipation

of our future plans;

sadly, they were not to be.


The echo of your footsteps

as you hurried down the hall–

how I miss that sound.


I felt your hand on my shoulder

as you tried to ease my fears;

how could you be gone?


I see your office clearly

in the lamplight from your desk,

but your chair is empty.


Mary 6/3/10

22 thoughts on “Mary’s Page

  1. Hi,
    Just sent you an email that I couldn’t find this blog, and then you appeared!
    Told you I was the problem–as usual.

    So excited you have this outlet, and you’re so good!

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop!


    1. Nellie,
      I don’t know who you are, but as one of Mary’s partners-in-crime I’m loving something you said: AND THEN YOU APPEARED! That is a darn good metaphor for what happens with this writing group and with the writing that happens when we’re on our own. “Idea! Where are you?” is a worry if we don’t write and talk, but when we do, it’s AND THEN YOU–you idea you–APPEARED!


    2. Hi Nellie,

      It’s Toni, you can find me on my page. I’m one of Mary’s writing friends, among other things. We love when she writes with sass and spitfire. Come back, there’ll be lots more. Me – I love when she makes brownies and, come blueberry season, there’ll be Uncle Frank’s muffins to share. Hope to meet you if you’re ever up this way.



  2. Mary,
    I just saw Larry’s pic on your page…a happy snapshot that underscores and sits in juxtaposition to the gentle sadness of your poem.


  3. Oh, Mar,

    I am so glad to find you….thanks to Patty for informing me about your writing site….sharing your ideas, thoughts, and heart with all….how we miss Larry in so many ways….reflecting on Larry would not be Larry without “chief thunderfoot”…..you always knew when he woke from his power naps….”is dinner ready yet???” He did leave us way too soon, but not without so many memories to lift our hearts….I will return with more….it wasn’t easy being his “second” wife!


  4. Hi girls,
    Wow! You are all so talented. It scares me to write a reply–my poor writing skills are going to be too obvious! Oh, well. Maybe my horrible West Texas accent will keep you busy thinking of other things! (Like, what is she talking about now???)
    Thanks for making me cry, Mary! What a beautiful tribute to Larry. Can’t tell you how often Pete and I say, ” Remember when Larry…. ” And so life goes on. What a drag it is without him. Couldn’t you just pinch the liver out of him for leaving us? Thank goodness we can still get a good laugh from remembering his many antics!
    Keeping you close in my heart, Mar.


    1. Hi Nellie! I absolutely love it that you leave comments for me to discover when I log on! Thank goodness those two men of ours had that momentary stroke of genius to latch onto us, right??!!! It won’t be long before I find my way back to Texas for another dose of laughter and an Uno tournament–you’d better warn Pete–ha!! My last visit was such a lift for my spirits, even if I didn’t run up the national debt at the malls. You are one of my life’s treasures. M.


  5. I’m happy to leave comments to just about anyone, but I especially love leaving them for you, Mary. You have always appreciated the little things in life! Like making me your buddy. Who knew we would bond the way we did?
    I love and miss you, my little friend!
    Still don’t have the right phone number to give you a call now and then–guess I copied the number you gave incorrectly. Give me a shout when you get a chance.


    1. Hi Nellie,
      We’re happy to see you coming back for more! I’m writing this reply since Mary is lolling in Sweden this week and not blogging from CT. I’m sure you’ll hear from her when she gets back. Cheers, Toni


  6. Hi girls,
    It’s 5:00 in the morning and I’ve been up since 4:00! When will my mind stop buzzing this early? If I could invent something profound or create a cure for cancer, it wouldn’t be such a bother. But the mind buzzes about nonsense, so I give in and get up. UGH!
    Hope you had fun in Sweden, Mary. Would love to hear about your antics–and I know there were some!
    Just celebrated (?) the big 6-0. Now that’s depressing. Of course, the alternative isn’t too appealing either.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Still don’t have your phone number–are you trying to tell me something? Hmmmmmm?
    Love you!


  7. I’m back, but heavy into jet lag. What a wonderful week it was! Nellie–860 618-0360!! A guy answers my “leave a message” machine–closest I can get now that I’m new to cougar training (and failing the course!!). M.


    1. That explains it–I had written down 06 instead of 60. DUH!
      Glad you had a good time. Jet lag is a bummer, but I’m sure you’ll be back to your cougar self in a day or two.
      Would you believe I have bronchitis? Have been nursing myself for the last three days- on antibiotics, inhaler, etc. The heat isn’t helping either. It’s hard to breath in 100 degree temperatures even without the bronchitis!
      Rest up. We’ll catch up one day soon.
      Love you,


  8. Dear Mary, ” Another county heard from”

    Loved Larry’s picture and your poem. I was with you,(mentally) each step of that journey.

    Much love,



  9. Hey Gal,

    I wish you could have heard Oscar’s breathing pattern change to short explosions and intakes as he read the Larry poem for the first time. It truly touched him. The line about Larry’s footsteps brought smiles to our faces–Larry did not tread lightly. You have created a REAL work of art–evokes response in people. Can you handle that? (Why is there no spell check on this box?)

    Many hugs and much love, Mac


    1. Hi Mac, it’s Toni. So glad you here with us. It seems like years since you came to my deck and shared your writing. ( Now that I think of it, it has been years! Too long) We swooned over your pages and pages and pages. So what are you writing these days?
      Do come visit us again…virtually or for real!


  10. ahhh, Larry….I can hear your footsteps too : ) Have you found Robbie? It is an amazing gift that Mary and I should reconnect, and at such a time. Peace be with you, and with all of us. Hugs, Pat


  11. I’m checking out the blog and came across this beautiful, touching poem. Just wonderful.
    P.S. What a great website. I think I will be checking it out more often now that’s I’m retired and have more time to browse the Internet. You women are amazing!!


  12. I couldn’t write a poem about losing my husband. I wrote a book about us instead. Something to do with … creativity? And yet I have imagination … Oh well. The comments threads are like trying to get out of the Minataur’s cave! 🙂


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