Here’s the ad for Carrs of Carlisle biscuits… just in time for the summer wedding season of 1956.

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The copy reads: Today is her day of days — tomorrow she will be a housewife. And she will want everything of the best for her home and husband.

Ah, the misogynistic days of the 50s.  I hope we’ve finally shunned the H-word and its image of domestic drudgery.

Married to a house? Is there a Facebook status for that?

Oh wait. It is the twenty-tens. We’re all just bumblin’ through together. 

Put on your lipstick and smile. Meet Babylonia Aivaz and her bride-to-be.

 Do you take this warehouse? 


Toni 7/13/17

The Good Wife Rules, pub. 1955




Nobody uses it.  Everybody loves it.



Kodachrome is the stuff of dreams. It’s a day at the beach, that glorious prom dress, a backyard BBQ, the big-number-ending-in-zero birthday, all captured and lived over and over in slide shows we never tire of watching.

Kodachrome ~ the Queen of Film ~ gave us snapshots of our lives for years. A small family-owned business in Kansas, Dwayne Steinie’s Photo, used its meagre stash of Kodak chemicals to process the last roll of film on December 30, 2010.


There are no more yellow boxes.

No more cans of film.

Backyard BBQ
Backyard BBQ

Just a mother lode of memories.

Thanks, Kodak. ♥

Toni 9/8/16




My Saucy Walker Doll is just a memory.

But a consumingly joyful one.


Like a constellation of smileys.


The Ideal Toy Corporation’s walking doll is my all-time favorite.  No wind-up key.  No button to push.  All I did was walk alongside her and hold her hand, balance her first on one foot, then the other.  Or I walked behind her, my hands on her shoulders.  Saucy was pretty obedient.  If I wanted her to sit, I pushed her legs into a sitting position. You could actually hear her legs snap. (Into position, that is. No SW was ever harmed by this procedure.)

Saucy’s hair was lustrous Saran. She never complained during hours of shampooing, brushing, and styling.  Wash! Wave! Comb! Curl! The doll curlers?  By Ideal Toys, of course.

It’s a wonderful toy.  It’s Ideal.

I weighed Saucy Walker, too, on my made-in-the-USA scale.
IMG_4407While Saucy napped, I had plenty of other amusements.

Like plastic dexterity puzzles…


IMG_4508 (1)





and handmade stuffed animals.


Saucy Walker is long gone but I still have everything else. Nothing brings back the nostalgia of childhood and the good old days like vintage toys. Want to relive some of the fun from childhood? Visit Some Bit of Stuff.  Some things just never go out of style.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
And if I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my toys will break.
So none of the other kids can use ’em….

 ― Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic

Toni 9/24/2015