Kavanaugh and the Gray-cheeked Thrush and what we don’t know in this time of a mad dog presidency. A juxtaposition. (420 character 9-line poem by Patty)

Kava-Nope and the Gray-cheeked Thrush: I was reading about the former whilst a migrating latter crashed into our window, immediately rendering him a candidate for the taxidermist. So too the former?

I wish I’d recognized the nocturnal flight call of the reclusive Gray-cheeked Thrush

before he collided w/ my window.

A mystery bird, a sub-Arctic breeder about whom not much is known.

(who gets to eastern Siberia?)

I didn’t note him amongst a mixed thrush flock gorging grapes & crab apples.

More spider decals might’ve warned him off.

I feel that way about deterring Judge Kavanaugh too.

I needed more information!

I wish.


Note from Patty:

The Trump administration held back more than 100,000 pages of documents related to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s service because the White House and the Department of Justice alleged they were protected by constitutional privilege.

We just don’t know what we don’t know about this man nominated by our amoral, mad dog president. I DO know that I don’t trust one thing that he does.

And back to my poor dead Gray-cheeked Thrush:

“ …its shyness and seclusiveness, its habit of breeding in only the most inaccessible places, and its almost unbroken silence during most of the year have kept the taxonomic, distributional, and life-history facts concerning it in mystery so long that [the Gray-cheeked Thrush] has been correctly regarded as one of the least known of American passerine birds.” G. J. Wallace (1939: 218)






I read books about words, the ordinary and the obscure.



I can’t resist a Dictionary. Especially this one.

The dictionary goes from aardvark to zozimus. Aardvark makes it in because “every dictionary has to start with aardvark; otherwise it would have to start with aback, which is just too boring.” Zozimus is from The BFG, and is a word for the stuff that dreams are made of.

There’s one-letter words, all-consonant words, all-vowel words. Every book on the list below can give you an edge in Scrabble with your brainy friends. Not to mention a jack-in-the-box moment on every page.

The Wonder of Whiffling
Dutch Dictionary of One-Letter Words
Grandiloquent Dictionary
Aaaugh!: The Foolish Dictionary Online
The Devil’s Food Dictionary
Cavers’ Slang Dictionary
Dictionary of Winds
Double-Tounged Word Wrester
The Alternative Dictionaries
Dictionary of Custom License Plate Terms
Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, and Body Language Cues
The Fictionary of Witty Words
List of Fictional Expletives
Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
WORD SPY: The Word Lover’s Guide to Modern Culture


Whether you’re a word wonk or a “n00b”, Word Spy will make your bones boogie.

Take the word mungy, with a soft, j-like G. I learned this word on Paul McFedries’ website.   It means overcast and damp, like it was yesterday. You know, the kind of weather that provokes grey-sky thinking. And its extreme version, black-sky thinking.

But not today.

It’s definitely a blue-sky thinking day.

On the island….


…and at the coffee shop.


So Readers, this narb‘s for you. Every blog post is a small narrative bit. A narb is anything you post, or is posted about you, on the internet—personal data, status updates, files you upload, blogs, tweets, and party photos ~ all the crumbs and chunks about you that live in cyberspace. All of them add up to your tiny story.


So, leave a digital morsel in the comment section. It’s a phizz-whizzing place to share your narb by word-of-mouse. Pretty wondercrump, isn’t it?

TONI 1/25/18










Do you remember the golden age of radio?  Back then, we huddled in front of speakers instead of screens.  Have a listen to Johnny Dollar. Each story is recounted in flashback, as Johnny, America’s fabulous freelance insurance investigator, lists each line item from his action-packed expense account and travels back to Hartford, Connecticut.

Exotic locales.  Cool villains.  Tense confrontations.

Go on, let your imagination sweep you away ~



SHORPY photo

Toni 6/8/17