Made to last, these nests, and new buds emphasize this admirable quality. (A 420 character 9-liner)

Last year’s nests attest to the skill of their creators.

Many withstand harsh winters &,

like us 70-year olds in Yoga Barre class,

don’t look the worse for the wear:

the Red-eyed vireo’s tidy, hanging cup w/ birch bark & wasp paper,

the Robin’s mud-liner rough jumble of exterior twigs & bark, & this?

Goldfinch? Solid,neat, plant fiber build w/ thistle down lining,

its base on a branch, & poop on the nest edge!*



* I’m not really certain this is a Goldfinch nest, but I think Carduelis Tristan is the only open-nesting songbird that does the let-the-feces-stay-on-the-doorstep thing. I wonder what they think of people who don’t heed the pick up after your dog signs?


 La settimana santa


In Italy, Holy Week, la settimana santa, means millioni parades and celebrations all leading up to Easter Sunday.

But, even better, is Easter Monday.  That’s Little Easter, or Pasquetta. It’s very Italian, an amen-astonishing day set aside to just revel in the spring weather. Cars are packed to the gunwales with food and Italians set out to go somewhere, anywhere.


They travel in packs, herds, and swarms, an extravaganza of carefree clans hit the road toting Easter leftovers.



East Monday is also known as Lunedì dell’Angelo, Monday of the Angel. It’s the day to remember Mary and Mary Magdalene at the sepulchre being comforted by an angel.

Since Monday is a secular holiday, no one goes to church. It’s the happiest of Italian Easter traditions. Even the Pope takes a day off!



There is a saying in Italian:

Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi

It means Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you would like.  Oh, and treating yourself to the last piece of Easter pie, you know….for fuel.

Buona Pasqua a Tutti!

Toni 3/31/18

ps In the unlikely event there are leftover (chocolate) eggs, do this.

 Warning: addictive













Marching kids give me hope, just like that yellow-spotted salamander slithering over snow to get to our vernal pool & his girl friends. (A 420 character 9-liner)


Eloquent & sturdy kids are signs of hope.

A renewed energy for the moral & physical health of our country.

We need signs, just like the 1st Peoples who breathed a sigh of relief

when they heard Wood Frogs quack-quacking,

watched Mourning Cloaks flutter out from under the loose bark of the Hickory,

spied the bright red & yellow epaulets of returning Redwing Blackbirds:

signals that a tough winter was over.