188,000 people evacuated from area around No. CA’s Oroville Dam: another over-the-top crisis. A 420-character, 9-liner.

Dam crisis.

Now in addition to our country’s damn crisis

we now have a dam crisis.

Oroville Dam’s concrete spillway is steadily destroying itself with a growing sinkhole,

but the spillway must be used to prevent the dam from over-topping

and cascading down the so-called “emergency” spillway* onto people.

Continuing is not good, just like we’re continuing with Pres.Trump

despite him being completely over-the-top.



* The emergency spillway hasn’t been needed in Oroville’s 48-year history.


What it looked like in 1968:

Cabinet nominees are getting approved but the hearings help underscore the negatives in each nominee and perhaps a path forward. (420-character 9-line poem)

Learning: The Cabinet hearings taught me what we’re up against;

I will use what I’ve learned to help short-circuit their moves.

They represent the exact opposite of what would be

the best leader for each cabinet spot.

Recently I searched for the Rough-legged Hawk &,

while I didn’t find her,

I learned the lay of the nooks & fields over which she perched, swooped, & hunted.

I’ll know where to look next time.





Snow Day. It’s our first blizzard of the season. Very Calming. Here’s what GreylockSnowDay has to say. Talk about citizen scientists!