Come on baby let’s do the twist! Maybe I’ll be in my, you guessed it, my teenie, weenie yellow polka dot bikini!


What were your favorites when you were either a 13-year old girl or a 14-year old  boy? And is it still, dear Reader? (Thanks for the idea, Mr. Stevens-Davidowitz of the NYT.)

Janos and me. My first attempt at…my memoir in 420 characters and nine line bits. DRAFT


The last time I played any Faure I was 15.

With the high fi and my Janos Starker recording at my left,

I’d play my cello for a few measures, lift the needle, scratch it back,

and play the measures again.

At my audition, the judges said my interpretation was (strangely) remarkable,

but at All State I was way out-classed:

other cellists played Bach at breaks,

but me and the trombone player

made out in the warm up room.


(I found the old record. No wonder I had such a soaring style and melting tone!)


Tweet torrents by Trump are unpresidential and dangerous and now bots inflate his twitter follower numbers. A 420 character nine liner.



I began thinking about such as I bird-counted on my walk to yoga.

Cormorants. Great Blue Herons. Ospreys. Kingfishers: Fisherbirds.

Lots of mouths to feed, these egg-layers. Real.

Not like the egg-followers or “bot” (automated not human) army

used to falsely inflate Trump’s twitter numbers.

This is so not like my fisherbirds.

They are honorably fishy.