Morgan Freeman’s “Our Future” and the “Short Answers to Hard Questions on Climate Change” is a great reference to reply to Climate Deniers without sputtering to death in frustration.

First Mr. Freeman:

Next the list explanation of climate change.  I’ve put it in my notebook & keep it at the ready for when a denier’s got me cornered:


Planet # 9, Michigan, and our anti-clean water Congress: what they have in common or what we could learn from the astronomers and the good doctor (a 420 character 9-liner)

Mysterious features have proof somewhere of their existence.

So astronomers expected a Planet 9

because the solar system’s 6 most distant objects

orbiting exclusively beyond Neptune

tilt away from the plane of our SS

ONLY if a planet w/ 10X the mass of earth

is in a “distant eccentric orbit anti-aligned” w/ them.*

The MI Doc followed a similar line of deduction

when she detected lead. Not so w/ the State.** Mysterious.


  • *Earth/Sky is a magnificent source of information on the cosmos and the world:
  • **Congress, as we speak, tries STILL to gut the clean Water Act. Do they not know about Flint and its struggles? (

AARP’s “I’ve still got it” high heel/job ad resonates, doesn’t it? If it is true that if the shoe fits then wear it, I need to exercise (a 420 character 9-line poem)

Aim high as in world peace, safe food for all, reduced carbon,

but also, if my heart yearns for them?

High Heels. Unlike early iterations of me

I now think I can TRAIN for rather than spurn HH because they hurt.

So: Barefoot squats. Calf Muscle Stretches. Single Leg Lifts.

In other words: Get Strong; put off or prevent problems.

Work my way into them. (See my Bernie Mevs)

Works for peace & healthy food too.

Aim high.