Hope-Monger In-Chief. Thank you, President Obama. Please listen and be inspired, Mr. President-Elect.

(I hope President-Elect Donald Trump listened and that President Obama’s words inspire the better angels that hover ’round him to hold sway.)

Barak (one of the 4-legged Manhattan family members) watches Game of Thrones. Think small direwolf anguishes over kin.

One of Barak’s parents wrote this to introduce the Buzzfeed pieces:

“Barak is an emotional dog and is not afraid to share his opinions – often vocally! As a mini direwolf, Barak has a vested interest in the long-term health and security of House Stark. So when he insisted that he get a private viewing of each episode, we jumped on the opportunity to capture his reactions to the rollercoaster that is Game of Thrones.”

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:


The writing niches we carve out so as to tuck those tugging ideas safely in our notebooks will, mayhap, do likewise to the minds and hearts of others

My writing space:IMG_0027

Luke’s writing space:




(I had these scribbles in my notebook as I pondered Luke’s writing this morning: spaces for writing, a 6-year old’s writer’s notebook, invented spelling, literate environment, save the ideas in a notebook,  Shelley Harwayne would be proud)