Marching kids give me hope, just like that yellow-spotted salamander slithering over snow to get to our vernal pool & his girl friends. (A 420 character 9-liner)


Eloquent & sturdy kids are signs of hope.

A renewed energy for the moral & physical health of our country.

We need signs, just like the 1st Peoples who breathed a sigh of relief

when they heard Wood Frogs quack-quacking,

watched Mourning Cloaks flutter out from under the loose bark of the Hickory,

spied the bright red & yellow epaulets of returning Redwing Blackbirds:

signals that a tough winter was over.







Grandkids? Resisters? Earth-shakers? World leaders? Consider the lesson of the subnivean tunnel with all its off-ramps. A notebook entry with sketch.

Grandkids? World leaders? Parents? Earthlings of any ilk? Are you finding yourself on the lookout for out a metaphorical off-ramp, a work-around? How about a subnivian tunnel?

My Default Setting. Another 420 character 9-line memoir bit.


Mama had a fierce short fuse, 7 kids,

anxiety, loneliness, & fear.

Leaving home at 21, I resolved not-being-Mama would be my default:

My first response wasn’t going to be modeled after Mama’s,

& I’ve stuck w/ this default for 50 years.

So, how’s this worked for me as a wife,mom, & teacher?

It grounded me so I could be strong

& deal in the midst of chaos & crisis, if not perfectly, at least calmly.

Poor Mama.


PS  In the picture, Mama is pinching Bobby’s cheeks over some infraction while Barbara is pushing me to turn around and mind my own business. Ruthie is in front and I suspect little Linda is safe in her right hand. We were all safe when Ruthie had us in hand.