While Trump takes steps backwards, I ponder taking more positive steps like the Tsimane. A 420 character 9-liner.

Take steps (17,000) & fruits, veggies, nuts =

the healthiest heart in the world.

Live like the small, active community of Amazon Tsimane on the Maniqui

& acquire a pristine, unclogged, positive-outlook

& arteries.

More positive than the PFN’s steps to abolish EPA, roll back Dodd-Frank.

But how about that failed resolution of inquiry* ?

It forced Republicans to reject calls for greater conflict oversight.

Take steps.


NOTES FROM PATTY: PFN = President for Now. And on that resolution: House Republicans derailed a Democratic resolution that would have forced disclosure of the PFN’s potential ties with Russia and any possible business conflicts of interest. Republicans wanted to avoid a full House vote that would have been embarrassing and divisive for the right.





While Trump takes steps backwards, I ponder taking more positive steps like the Tsimane. A 420 character 9-liner.

420 CHARACTER 9-LINER JUXTAPOSES THE NEED FOR FILTERS IN THIS TRUMPED-UP TIME with the Northern Shovelers, experts at filtering the good from the bad.

What can I say? I’m frantic and hunting for a filter

for all that needs doing right now and

whammo! I spy the Northern Shoveler:

Very distinctive glossy green head; black bill and back;

white chest; chestnut-brown flanks and belly; yellow eyes.

NS’s bill is elongated, spoon-shaped

& edged with 110 comblike projections–

a superb tool for straining invertebrates from the water.

Sustenance. Like I need. What can I say!!


Cabinet nominees are getting approved but the hearings help underscore the negatives in each nominee and perhaps a path forward. (420-character 9-line poem)

Learning: The Cabinet hearings taught me what we’re up against;

I will use what I’ve learned to help short-circuit their moves.

They represent the exact opposite of what would be

the best leader for each cabinet spot.

Recently I searched for the Rough-legged Hawk &,

while I didn’t find her,

I learned the lay of the nooks & fields over which she perched, swooped, & hunted.

I’ll know where to look next time.