Cabinet nominees are getting approved but the hearings help underscore the negatives in each nominee and perhaps a path forward. (420-character 9-line poem)

Learning: The Cabinet hearings taught me what we’re up against;

I will use what I’ve learned to help short-circuit their moves.

They represent the exact opposite of what would be

the best leader for each cabinet spot.

Recently I searched for the Rough-legged Hawk &,

while I didn’t find her,

I learned the lay of the nooks & fields over which she perched, swooped, & hunted.

I’ll know where to look next time.



Hope-Monger In-Chief. Thank you, President Obama. Please listen and be inspired, Mr. President-Elect.

(I hope President-Elect Donald Trump listened and that President Obama’s words inspire the better angels that hover ’round him to hold sway.)

Learning to be a cellist teaches me concentration: My teachers for this piece–Harmon Steiner*, Yoyo Ma**, and Maurice Gendron*** help me live with the Bach Suite for Cello Solo No.2 in D Minor.

Practicing my cello forces me to concentrate (along with a host of other life skills, the least maybe being that I sometimes get better at the playing). My teachers for Bach Suite for Cello Solo No.2 in D Minor.–Harmon Steiner*, Yoyo Ma**, and Maurice Gendron***

Mischa Maisky:

3-11-16blog - 2 3-11-16blog - 3

*The Maestro, my actual, in-person, teacher: his notes for how to practice a few measures are above and if I do what he gently suggests and spells out and demonstrates? It works.

** no explanation needed

***cellist on the first recording