Nevermind the Republican Fox Fest, I’m learning to sketch our Claire and listening to the Song Sparrow in the Phlox brush and feel a 420-character 9-liner coming on.


Rich, bold, glorious notes & nesting in that hummock hollow.

Song Sparrow is my first guess when I see a streaky bird

flit, flutter, perch & lean back to belt out a song,

the 3-note intro clinches the ID,

but it could also describe 3-year old Claire.

She makes nests in her bed, leans back & belts it out;

sometimes with her feet in the early morning,

sometimes with her utterances:

rich, bold, & deliciously glorious.


Yodel. Tremolo. Back and Forth. Stay Connected. Ply the waters as a group. Stay in touch. Not so crazy an idea. (a 420 character 9-liner by Patty accompanied by a Nani sketch)

Surely not, John McPhee.

The tremolo yodel twixt Common Loon mates is NOT a laugh of the insane.

I listened from the edge of a secluded pond–Private! No Trespassing!

But CLs don’t read, just emit ethereal enunciations,

like the back & forth between Lydia, Chloe, Luke, William, Claire, Hannah

& the elders as they ply the waters of Long Pond.

Call & connect.

It makes me laugh & reminds me to love. Insane?

Surely not.




A Handmade Tale: The myths say that the Raven brought fire to the people by stealing it from the sun; I’m similarly enlightened by the Ravens and children I watch. (A 420 character, 9-line poem with my sketches by Patty)



Oops…forgot one of them. See lower right.


Echoes of little kid chortles, cries, chats, & chases.

I still hear them…AND their screams,

like the KAAAHH! of that young Raven who dashed by me in the woods,

impudent trickster,

rallying his sibs to come play drop-stick-and-then-dive-to-retrieve-it-in-midair,

even though he still needs his parents to feed and clothe,

well, not clothe,

but teach him the ways of the world while they pick his nits.