My 2017 Sketch and 420 character 9-liner for the grandkids and their parents (and me and the handsome guy I live with)

I have a few decades of notebooks. When I can read the writing, I gain insight. For example, I reread and muse about the 1997 version of Patty  and note changes. I give thanks when I realize back then I was at the edge of grasping an idea which now I see more clearly. Knowtizing is working for me and mine.



More wisdoms, this time from the perspective of an 8-year old second grader who’s figuring out how to play softball. Note the ball is a split-second from being walloped by said sage from second grade.

chloehitsChloe softball drawing


Chloe Papi letter

Kids and Crows Dec. 2015: a 420 Character 9-liner by Patty with SKETCHES!!

family42015 - 1



I love that our kids remind me of crows:

An audacious complexity of language keeps them in touch with each other–

warning, informing, reminding, watching.

One generation helps each other & the elders:

“Need help? Here’s a tool. See this hook on the end?

Use it this way then store it here for the next time.”

When danger is spied (or mischief is at hand)

an “assembly” call issues forth;

AND they remember which I love.

-Written by the Nani who is also one of those women who writes so as to remember