It’s Our Blogaversary! Again!

That being said, here’s our very first post.   4/20/2010

Today we’re starting our blog. For years we’ve sipped great coffee, nibbled tasty treats, talked through the life dramas, and read our writing to each other. Frequently we’ve had a silent partner in all this: Ted Kooser, Jane Yolen, Lary Bloom, Art Plotnik, Anne Lamott. We’ve read their books about writing and let their wise words inspire us. This blog is going to be another silent partner we think, but right now getting going with it is a bit like trying to get clear, cool water from the faucet. We need to run the water for a while to swish out whatever’s been lodging along the old pipes. Sometimes those pipes clank and the water sputters. Sometimes we curse and talk about whether or not the plumbing’s ever going to be right. And then it happens. Luscious, clean, boy-is-this-well-good-or-what water. That’s the way it will be with our fussing with a writing blog. Just keep the tap on we’ve decided. It’ll come.

And come it has.


Words We Women Write was born out of, well, unbridled curiosity and wonder.


The adventure of uncertainty lured us in. (That, and there was nowhere else we needed to be.)


Now, eight years later, we’ve birthed two more ~ amen-astonishing.

Click here to read Patty’s middle-grade novel blog, Isabel the Storyteller.

Click here to read Toni’s poetry blog, mental crumbs ~ in love with carbs and poetry.


We still fuss with the plumbing.


Apple geniuses help us tinker, WordPress Happiness Engineers make the irreversible reversible.


And Readers, you are why we’re still having a good time, all the time.

Thanks for coming. 



Patty and Toni  4/28/18
…and yes, there is always cake









Paddington Bear was an illegal immigrant; I doubt Mr. Trump would let him in today. I mean, who are his bona fides? (a 420 character 9-liner)

Please look after these tired, hungry, scared humans,

or if you’re Michael Bond? Bear.

& whether you’re from Darkest Peru (Paddington) or Syria,

hope that a kind Mrs. Brown shows up in your life to take you home.

Such were the author’s thoughts as he watched evacuee kids

during the Blitz, labels around their necks,

all their worldly goods in a tiny pack;

“there’s nothing sadder than a refugee.”

So, Mr. PFN*? Please?


*PFN = President For Now

Pipeline protesters (Sugar Shack Alliance) are arrested and pledge non-violent resistance to fossil fuel development; the Canada Warbler thanks them. A 420 character 9-liner

Shady forest undergrowth & thickets:

I love to poke around in such

but worry that forest clear-cutting for pipelines makes its denizens vulnerable

like that fancy Canada Warbler with its necklace of short stripes,

its yellow chest, throat & belly, striking white spectacles

that I spotted flushing insects from foliage

while foraging on twigs & leaves.

Lovely, but threatened by forest fragmentation,

not enough shady.


NOTE FROM PATTY: This week demonstrators were arrested at Otis State Forest as the Kinder Morgan Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company started cutting trees for their gas project. This will be a four-mile swath through state forest. I don’t think that we can sit by and watch during this time of climate crisis. Halting pipeline construction is part of the whole climate and environmental justice movement.