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Women who speak up and show their smarts and expertise don’t need a president (or even a presidential candidate) who codifies the put-down. Just call me nasty


Candidate whining, Sapsuckers, the Barred Owl, and the birders: I don’t bloviate, barely. (a 420 character, 9-liner)

owl in west cornwall

Hooting “who cooks for you who cooks for you all”

along the Housatonic in West Cornwall alerts us to the Barred Owl.

A passing motorist stops to take our picture

w/ the sleepy owl peering over Ray’s right shoulder.

During the picture-taking I hear the whine of a Sapsucker

simultaneous to spotting the young man’s

Trump bumper sticker.

I fight an urge to commence bloviating about whining Republican candidates.

A hoot.