Is he wondering where is the endless Arctic Circle Nunavut summer sun
& my dear lady,
or that perfect site I claimed by flying 30’ up, then gliding,
warbling all the way, to the hummock below?
& where did the 100’s of other Lapland Longspurs go
(& how this so ISN’T the Great Plains)
& why am I w/ a hallelujah of Horned Larks (& maybe 2 Snow Buntings?)
methodically plucking seed from a stubble corn field in Ct?
Is he!

-By Patty

caveat: When I find myself perseverating on Trump, rather than doing something to offset one of his actions (write a letter, make a call, speak up when a red-hatter spouts a conspiracy theory, donate to a group that’s suing to stop an action,etc) I switch to focusing on a new topic that puts me smack-dab in the present. Studying up on the Lapland Longspur did it for me today. (But, hmmm, I’ve GOT to find a juxtaposition for this species long hind toe, its “larkspur,”…doesn’t it seem to beg for a 420?)

4 thoughts on “Worries of a Lapland Longspur that I imagine while I read about an orange-haired man wreaking havoc. (A 420-character 9-line poem)

    1. I get to go birding with two folks every week. One is a Guru, as in he knows birds and is also a fun guy to be out in the wilds with. The otheris a dear teacher friend who at the age of 78 announced, lI need to upgrade my bins.” So,we were at that marvelous Audubon Shop in Madison and after The Purchase, started checking out the CT shoreline. The Lapland Longspur was lock-step with 33 Horned Larks in the gravel-sand-grassy parking lot at Hammonasset Beach. I imagine he was approximating the behaviors he’d be using if he were with the giant flocks of LL now grazing the Great Plains (if he hadn’t blown off course en route, or flown into a box car, or started from lowing HLs from the breakup of the breeding season on the Tundra!)

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  1. Hi Patty. What a gift you have looking from the eyes (so to speak) of birds. Thank you for the picture. Otherwise, I would never have been aware of the larkspur’s beautiful wing patterns. Morgan


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