Vigilant as she was,

once we were out of the house, either on a daily basis

as in “going to the library, Mama,”

code for meeting Marty Lyons to kiss in the stacks or in college

or married & out of state, we dropped from her radar.

My dear younger sister escaped Mama’s abuse

by carting all her percussion instruments & stands to the huge garage attic,

out of sight & harm’s way,

except for the Coca-Cola and cigarettes.


2 thoughts on “Out of sight,out of mind: another 420 character, 9-line memoir bit

    1. This sister was, IS, amazing. I’m remembering that surrounding her drums and coke bottles, candy wrappers, etc were stacks of old National Geographics, the maps stuck hither and thither—a metaphor for her escaping like the adventurers in those magazines.


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