I get it. Putting all your kids through college is a Big Deal;

we did it for our 4, my father did it for his 7.

He used to say that tuition matched the price of a new car;

well, that’s changed. But what hasn’t changed

is that earning the $ to pay for college isn’t the only job of a parent.

How about kissing & hugging the wife & kids?

How about spending time &

keeping track of how the home-bound wife is doing?





6 thoughts on “My father put 7 kids through college and, er, and? And? Hmmmm… (A 420 character 9-line memoir bit.)

  1. I had 3 kids and did not pay for college so they had to work to pay. This taught them what life is like and now all have fantastic jobs and lifestyles. The money was used to travel and have family holidays. Now they realise nobody owes them a living.


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