Mama cached food. Like a red squirrel she hid it &, when times got tough,

I bet she thought

“oh well when that Sumner & those damn kids are asleep,

at least I’ll have my Nonpareils.”

But, unlike the Red Squirrels

who know survival depends on eating the most nutritious pine cones 1st,

she had self-destructive habits.

Sometimes in the AM I’d see leftover tea & tiny white sprinkles.

I licked them. They were w/out equal.



6 thoughts on “Red squirrel cache reminds me of Mama’s Nonpareils. A Memoir Bit in 420 characters and 9 lines .

  1. Hiking through an old homestead site, I came upon this wood pile. It took me a while to figure out what kept me musing at it. It was the pine cones. No pine trees except those in the distance, yet many of the spaces between and amidst the old wood was stuffed with cones. I didn’t immediately know it was the sign of a Red Squirrel, but a little research revealed that they start hiding cones early in the Fall. In the dead of winter, They strip the pine cone scales and eat the seed.

    I think it’s because I’ve got this 420 character 9 line memoir project on my mind that the squirrel caching cones pulled Mama caching Nonpareils right out of the deep lagoon of memory. It also explained a poignant moment in the general store next door to the grandkids. We were surveying the candy bins and Snow Cones caught my eye. I was overcome with sadness seemingly out of nowhere. You know how it is though, with little kids at your hip you can’t wallow, or in this case ponder what the heck? But now I get it. Snow Cones are miniature Nonpareils.


  2. I bought all sorts of notebooks and gave them out to the grandkids to encourage them to be on the lookout. The picture is of the page where I sketched and started mulling the woodpile and why it mesmerized me so. I’m sending updates to my notebook to the little kids too.


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