Me at college?

Knee Socks. Brown, patterned, chunky or acrylic stretch;

they went w/ my high school-era Bermuda’s, penny loafers,

matching beret & Pendleton plaid jacket,

maybe layered w/ an orange turtle neck; the outfit completed

w/ a green, pull tie school bag from the 50’s hung over my shoulder.

Yes, I had short dresses & short hair & minimal underwear

like all girls in the 60’s, but I loved those socks.

Wild. Me.



6 thoughts on “Brown Knee Socks. Another 420 character 9 line memoir bit DRAFT

    1. I forgot about white bucks! Maybe my big sisters had them? My favorite shoes for years were these louden green saddle shoes. Tie shoes. Clunky. I switched them around with the penny loafers. The latter were handmedowns and slapped when I walked. Thicker knee socks helped keep them on.

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  1. Love the drawing & the poem. Nice coordination. You took me back to when I first discovered loden green–still one of my favorites. Back then, I bought a wool jacket & skirt suit, transfixed by the color. As for socks, I’m a collector!


    1. I had a Loden green “car coat” which albeit a hand me down, I looooved! I mourned when I left it somewhere, partly because there was hell to pay and whatnot at #399, but also because the next coat was so unfamiliar. A prim camel’s hair with itchy collar and hard buttons. Sigh.


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