The last time I played any Faure I was 15.

With the high fi and my Janos Starker recording at my left,

I’d play my cello for a few measures, lift the needle, scratch it back,

and play the measures again.

At my audition, the judges said my interpretation was (strangely) remarkable,

but at All State I was way out-classed:

other cellists played Bach at breaks,

but me and the trombone player

made out in the warm up room.


(I found the old record. No wonder I had such a soaring style and melting tone!)


6 thoughts on “Janos and me. My first attempt at…my memoir in 420 characters and nine line bits. DRAFT

  1. This is WONDERFUL. My last attempt at music was singing in the community chorus for a holiday concert. Little did I know that one needed to read music.
    Keep writing.


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