Finding a new use for an old item or idea is what the Deer Mouse does:

She thatches leaves into a roof for an old bird’s nest,

filling it with nuts, seeds, dried beetles, feathers & thistle down,

a cache.

This first snow insulates her winter getaway.

I watch her scurry 50’ up the tree trunk,

pause to survey w/ her large ears twitching, then slip inside.

I’m awed & reminded to search out new purposes,

to be a finder.



7 thoughts on “Ideas can be recycled, repurposed, reimagined say I and the Deer Mouse in our back woods. A 420 character 9-liner

  1. I’ve just been told by a complete stranger at LaSalle Market that Deer Mice sing. And BTW he added, the recycled nest can hold two quarts of nuts. Shelled? I wondered. He didn’t know. Some expert. I love this tiny happening for all sorts of reasons!
    PS I can no longer set traps in the garage for these forest creatures who happen to scurry in. What to do?


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