The meteorological bombogenesis dubbed Grayson is pummeling CT. We all hurried to the store yesterday to stock up on junk food essentials. Today we’re slipping, sliding, and stumbling around with shovels, blowers, and plows, clad in long underwear and building snow forts.

Fingers crossed, Grayson doesn’t turn out to be the “historic” storm forecasted.  Remember 1978?!?!?!?


Hey, meteorology isn’t an exact science.  

Mother Nature always has the upper hand.

And she is eternally full of surprises.



Like the frozen turkey vulture that fell out of South Dakota sky after its wings iced over as it flew through the severe blizzard. Did you know that vultures routinely soar high in the air, some, like the Rueppell’s Griffon Vulture, as high as 37,000 feet?


There are plenty of vultures in my Florida neighborhood, far from the madding Grayson. They’re the ultimate recyclers, tucking into the rotting sinews and viscera of dead animals.


We think of the comedic stereotypical vultures as desert-circling-last-moment-before-death birds, ugly and stupid.  Sure, these birds urinate on themselves and vomit on predators but what is gross to us is highly effective for vultures. These bald, ugly birds with a gruesome taste for gore do an essential but thankless job.


Meet one of my neighbors.

Just another island afternoon on the carrion clean-up crew. You go, Girl.

IMG_3523 IMG_3522 IMG_3516


*BIRDNOTE: In CT, I saw a leucisitic hawk. Guess what?  Somewhere out there is a leucistic vulture.  Have you seen one?


There’s still a ton scientists don’t know about winter storms.  But now they have GOES-16.


Grayson is the first winter storm to really test out NOAA’s new GOES-16—the most advanced weather satellite ever—which locked into position over the US in December.  Will it record Grayson as a record-breaker? Or  just the new normal?

So, for today, don’t leave home. Settle in.  High pressure, low pressure, fuggedaboutit.

No pressure, at least for now.


Toni 1/4/18

3 thoughts on “WHAT A BLIZZASTER!

  1. I have come to adore vultures. They do the work that needs doing, like the people I love who are willing to jump into the muck and the mire. (Is there a poem out there that’s talked about this I’m thinking?)
    It’s cold in CT right this minute. The song birds are lined up at the suet and peanut butter. Tonight they’ll curl up in tree cavities and those little winter bird houses. Think about it: chickadees with titmice with a junco or two all rolled up in a tiny hole to share and keep the warmth.
    Me? I’m curled up with cocoa and yogurt.
    Thanks for this post,Toni.


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