Here it comes, New Year’s Eve.  Really, is there a more happy-go-larky holiday than that?   (Well, maybe. St Patrick’s Day, amirite?)

My New Year’s resolution?  I will be less laz.  — Jim Gaffigan

Setting New Year’s resolutions is believed to go as far back as Babylonian times. It’s said that Julius Caesar started the tradition of making resolutions on January 1st as a way to honor the Roman mythical god Janus, whose two faces allowed him to look back into the past year and forward to the new one.

Hmm, think back to your resolutions from last January. Did you follow through? Do you even remember what they were?  Right.  Neither do I.

So, why make more resolutions this year?


The ‘I will be more organized’ resolution. Look familiar?


Resolutions, so not for me.

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.  – Brad Paisley 


I’m throwing out the rule book (again) this year. I’m setting a goal to set no goals. I’m going to welcome 2018 with a positive mindset about how great it’s going to be. Zero pressure to do anything other than to be present, open-minded to positive change, kind and compassionate to others.

I see no point in setting the same resolutions I used to in the past. Remember that guy Albert Einstein?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Why perpetuate feelings of failure and inadequacy, that’s so totally negative.

Instead, if it feeds your soul, do it. If it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning with a smile, carry on.

Look ahead, good things are planned for us.

And, finally, be thankful for the victories.  Celebrate them, great and small.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Toni 12/31/17







  1. Thanks for the resolve to have no resolutions. Am sitting in my backyard watching the sun come up, listening to the birds and Brisbane waking up. Feels pretty good right now. Cheers! M

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  2. No resolutions here either – just a continued push forward on following my heart and my dream and never letting anyone or anything take me off course. Although the occasional detour can be fun.
    Thanks for the great post


  3. Last year I resolved to be “Supreme Being” and yet, alas, I didn’t not. This year I made the same resolution along with decrees. *sigh* Day Three: I am still merely a has Bean. Working on improving my English though!

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  4. Happy New Year, dear Toni! I’ve decided that January First is an artifice in so far as deciding to be resolute about something. Why not July 8th or February 15th? Or how about using the occasion of one’s birthday to announce a turn over a new leaf type edict. That said, I resolve to pay attention, be mindful, stay present and be more wide-awake.
    With an abundance of good cheer, I am yours very truly,


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