How to help kids lead the wide awake curious life; a 420 character 9-line poem juxtaposing a skill useful to both birding and coping.

Perspective. It helps me cope w/ my Trump angst & binoculars.
I thought of this while helping one of the kids w/ HIS bins. He’s got the hold-the-barrels-steady
The Eagle Optics Kingbirds & National Geographic Kids Bird Guide are great, btw;
which reminds me that solid ideas & resources help w/ coping too.
Then I had him read signs @ various distances
starting w/ the closest & moving farther away. Perspective.



Another source of perspective? Late night tv, or in my case, late night tv youTubes:



A glow catches my eye as I walk along Shearshop Road in the historic district of Milton.

It’s a marbled orb weaver spider.  One look at the ornate coloration and patterns on the abdomen of this spider leave no doubt about how this beauty got its name.  For a more intimate look, click here.

Araneus marmoreus, one of nature’s showiest orbweavers.

Toni 10/22/17

I’m teaching the kids to bird, mayhap igniting a passion for the environment and help them be part of the changes that need doing. A 420 character 9-liner.

Focus-Be steady-Pay attention:

A mantra that helps me keep track of Trump, not go nuts,

& still be able to look for solutions,

to say “maybe if I or we do,say,write,call,act; then…”

it’s like how I teach kids to hold their bins: Start w/ what’s closest

& move further away.

Hold steady, ease the focus wheel this way & that.

Expect that you will see & hear something you’ve missed.

Be wide awake to possibility. Focus



I’m teaching the kids to bird, mayhap igniting an interest (a passion) for the environment that will help them be part of the changes that need doing. (A 420 character nine liner.)