No, Mr PFN (president for now) we should not get rid of players who exercise their right to free speech. A 420 character nine-liner.

I think Stephen Curry, by acting & not going to the White House,

has infused spine into those of us who wither at the

normalization of the racist, unruly, deranged rants of the PFN.

Normalization in that we don’t object to & call out each of his utterances

& call them what they are.

Dog whistles to the worst impulses.

Let’s remember what our society tolerates, accepts,

& what we cannot turn a blind eye to.

I think.


Humor: I love to laugh; it comes easy. Not so our PFN (president for now). A 420 character, 9-liner


A signal that Great Ape rough & tumble play is such

& not prelude to “I’m gonna rip your throat out” is panting,

an early form of laughter.

I wish the PFN could emit something like these deep,jocular bursts of air.

A laugher recognizes life’s absurdities & copes,

demonstrating an awareness of common ground w/ the rest of humanity.

But it’s impossible to laugh if you’re narcissistic

& dishonest w/ yourself.

A signal?

by Patty


Humor: I love to laugh; it comes easy. Not so our PFN (president for now). A 420 character, 9-liner



Arlo at the Warner theater inTorrington CT 9/16/17: Thank you. You and Woody are special guides for these hard times.

Listening  to Arlo sing “My Peace” at the Warner, was very moving.

The lyrics were his Dad’s, Woody Guthrie. We need to pass this peace around.